Made in Lavenham

Made in Lavenham

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Mysterious Sheets of Plastic…

Someone sent me scans of two plastic sheets (4 ft x 2 ft) which were used in the factory in the 1970s / 80s, however they were unsure what they were used for. The scans are below (click to enlarge) and if you happen to know the answer then please let me know so that the mystery can be solved.

The following information was sent to me by an ex-worker on the theory of what the plastic sheets may have been used for:

“If these items of plastic sheeting were fairly bendy, they could have possibly been used on the vac formers to mould into inserts for top range boxed cosmetic sets to be assembled at the Riverside works. I do know that rolls of polypropylene were used on these machines, but it was often in white or black.  Alternatively, they could also have been samples used by the in-house package design team. The brownish sheet looks a lot like the tortoiseshell effect plastic cases used for the boxed gift sets they used to assemble with eye shadows etc at Riverside. I think these cases were imported, in the end, from abroad ready to be filled with make-up”.

Other ex-workers have suggested they are something to do with cosmetic boxes.

I myself vaguely remember the pattern on the lighter plastic but cannot recall where I saw it….

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