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Made in Lavenham

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Offices (Costing / Buying / Planning / Personnel / Sales / Bought / Wages)…

Many thanks to Andy Bowes for the following information:

“I was at Holloways between January 1986 and March 1988. I started in the Costing Office. It was a small office at the bottom of the stairs opposite the reception.

The cost accountant was John Lucas and I was the assistant cost accountant. My job mainly seemed to be answering the phone! I was also given a job of doing the sales sheets for Mr Holloway senior (Bertie) every day. I used to take a big stack of printouts and summarise them on one big sheet. We reported to the finance director Adrian Bridge, whose office was next door to ours.

At that time, the factory manager was Clive Bareham & the main engineer/maintenance guy was Paul Abbott.

In the Buying Office, the manager was Paul Pepper & the staff were Stella Soanes, Jackie Cullen, Beverley Cotter and Jeremy Rides.

The Planning Office was next door, managed by Bill Corsi. Ray Bradley was the production director.

Opposite Mr Bradleys office was Personnel, which was staffed by Joy Swancott and Astrid Day.

After about a year, I was moved to Sales Ledger Office, which was upstairs. We were managed by Jackie Warom and we had Brenda Hanks, Adele Christie, Helen ? and Christine Webber in the office. My job was mainly doing reconciliations of the Woolworths purchases (which could be up to about £3  million in one month). I also had to take the monthly cheque from Woolworths to London and pay it into Woolworth’s head office branch of Barclays  so it would get transferred to Holloways account immediately.

Next to Sales ledger was the kitchen where Daphne ? & Peggy Clarke used to make the teas & coffees. On the other side of the Sales Ledger office was the Bought Ledger & Wages office, managed by Warren Mitchell. They used to pay the staff in cash and each Friday they used to come round with your wages & payslips in envelopes, which you had to sign for. You always hoped it would be before lunchtime so you could go to the pub!

There was also the design office managed by Jon Baxter and the exports office managed by Simon ?

There were a few other names I remember from upstairs – Chris Holloway, Jane Moorcroft, Donna Slater, Paula Long”.

From another ex-planning office worker: “Some of the people that I remember in the planning office were Dionne, Marie Farrow,  Julie Waterhouse Biggins, Gary Howard and Bill.”

Here is some additional/further information from Andy:

“Walk through the main entrance to the Riverside works. Reception desk is on the right (Shirley was the receptionist in my day), the stairs are on the left. Further to the left was Adrian Bridge’s (Finance Director) office and next to that was the costing office where I started. We shared the same door.

More or less directly in front was the door out to the filling floor. Round to the right, past the reception was a corridor. On the left was the clocking in machine, Clive Bareham’s (Accountant then factory manager) office, a room with a printer in which printer the works order listings and such like and then personnel, which was home to Joy Swancott and Astrid Day. On the right of the corridor was the boardroom and Mr Bradley’s (Production Director?) office. At the end of the corridor was the planning office and you had to go through the planning office to the buying office.

Upstairs on the left was Bertie Holloway’s office and next to that his secretary Sue Bull. Turn right and there were 2 offices – 1 directly in front of you and one on the right. Not sure what these were but I remember Nicki Harvey sat in one, as did Jane Moorcroft and Donna Slater. The other one had Paula Long in it and at the end of it was Chris Holloway’s office.

Before you got to these 2 offices, you went left, through a double door and you had the kitchen to the left and sales ledger in front of you. I ended up there with Jackie Warren, Christine Webber, Adele Christie, Brenda Hanks and Helen……????. Next to sales ledger was bought ledger/wages office, managed by Warren Mitchell.

To the right was the export office where Simon ??, Sharon ?? & Lisa Grainger worked. Round a bit to the left was the design office where John Baxter was in charge and Darren Guiheen worked. There were also some stairs down to the filling floor.
Out onto the filling floor, if you went right, you walked down to the goods in & stores where Brenda Long was in charge and also Damon Corbett & Rachel Zanoni  worked. Through there was the canteen.
If you went past the goods in, you ended up at the powder room, or round to the right was the lipstick room and the lab.
Turning left on the filling floor took you down to the warehouse, Marks & Spencer’s, the old bath salts belt, the nail polish room and the mascara filling machine.
I remember Paul Abbott being the chief maintenance man, Ron Davies the factory manager, Mac the lorry driver, Olive Hollocks, Sharon Hollocks, Wally Byford, Joan Mayes…….”

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