Made in Lavenham

Made in Lavenham

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Eye Shadow / Face Powder / Blusher…

Eye shadows would arrive in small but heavy boxes. The coloured powder had been pressed into tiny tins  (thank you to Andy Bowes for telling me that the small metal trays that the powder was pressed into were called “godets” -pronounced “go-days”), and there was tissue paper between each layer to protect the delicate pressed powder. We’d take a powder from the box and carefully insert it into a pre-formed plastic tray. I think we used a flat hand tool to push them in firmly without damaging them. These plastic trays would then be inserted into hard plastic cases. Sometimes, the eye shadows would go straight into the cases (if memory serves me right). There were individual eye shadows as well as sets with several shades in (I think there were larger sets which we put together before Christmas, I remember some with black outer cases which were quite big with several individual eye shadows in them). I assume some had applicators or brushes which we also put into the cases, but I don’t actually remember those. I’m assuming that the face powders and blushers were handled in the same way. You had to concentrate or you’d crack the powder or accidently stick your finger nail into it. The supervisor in the eyeshadow room was a lady called Shirley Lister.

As far as I’m aware, powder compacts were made in a similar way.

Two photos of powder refills (Sweetly Fair).

Here are 3 photos of a 1960s Evette Powder compact.

3 more photos of a powder compact (from ebay) - 1960s

Evette Vintage Powder Compact
found on Ebay (below)

EVETTE -Dream Touch Cream Powder -  Cameo Beige (From Ebay)

Found on Ebay

From Facebook: “For a few months in my teens, I used to work in the powder room where we actually pressed the loose powder into the tiny tins. It was a nightmare, went home brightly coloured every day on the Holloway’s bus!  If the powder we pressed was cracked or too hard it had to be thrown away. One of the perks was being able to buy really cheap make up from the factory shop.”

Poster for Evette Blushers at Woolworths.

Below are two Evette Powder Eye Shadows:  White Mist and Opal Fire.

Here’s another eyeshadow. Colour: slate.

This one is called Sapphire Mist.

Below is:

Evette Powder Shadows “Lucky Clovers”.  E371.

Below is Evette Powder Rouge: Pink Whisper: E224

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