Made in Lavenham

Made in Lavenham

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Quality Control...

A mature woman with curly hair used to take samples of everything and check the quality. She sat at a small desk at the end of the main hall where the cosmetics bubble bath belts were.

Often, the plastic bottles were stored outside in the rain and there’d be insects inside them. There was no time to clean them while you were trying to get them filled so they simply went out with ‘wildlife’ inside them.

If baby oil bottles were left out in the rain, any water in the filled bottles would make the oil go ‘off’. We used to test these bottles by turning them upside down. Any water in there would then sink to the bottom as small bubbles.

Myself and another girl were once asked to go through a huge box of cosmetics which had been sent back from overseas due to quality issues. This task took several weeks to complete. We found that most of the lip glosses had been packed before they’d set and over half the contents would have failed quality control. (This particular task was done in the warehouse next to the aerosol factory).

Work at the factory was very labour-intensive and I do remember having to put an awful lot of sticky labels onto things by hand. These, obviously, all had to be as straight as you could physically get them, which wasn’t always as easy as it sounds. Myself and another girl once had the unenviable task of hand labelling boxes and boxes of perfume bottles, which may well have lasted several weeks. (This was done during a quiet period in the aerosol factory when the belts weren’t in operation).

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